Work In Progress

  1. "Measuring Advertising Effectiveness," with Andrey Simonov and Shirsho Biswas
  2. "Stock-piling and the discount function," with Oeystein Daljord and Charles Ahlstrom
  3. "Non-parametric Estimation of Brand Loyalty," with Oeystein Daljord and Xinyao Kong

Working Papers

  1. "The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic," with Shirsho Biswas, Simon Sacher and Andrey Simonov.
  2. "Personalized Pricing and Customer Welfare," with Sanjog Misra, revision requested at Journal of Political Economy
  3. "Millennials and the Take-Off of Craft Brands: Preference Formation in the U.S. Beer Industry," with Bart Bronnenberg and Joonhwi Joo


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      Also follow-up comment: “National Brands, Local Branding: Conclusions and Future Directions”
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    • Appendix
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    • Appendix
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